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04/16/14 at 11:27:27

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Genalex KT-77 (Read 229 times)
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Genalex KT-77
01/21/14 at 01:41:21
I have a quad of new production Genalex KT-77's. I bought them new from the Tube Maze and have less than two hours of use on them. To be honest, selling because I don't like them in my Tori MKIV compared to my 1960 - 1970's RTF / Siemens EL-34's. These new tubes have better base but the top end is rolled of a bit too much for me. Asking $110 shipped. Please know it might take me a week to ship.
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EL Capitan
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Re: Genalex KT-77
Reply #1 - 01/31/14 at 00:59:09
Hi Roy,

What tubes did your Torii ship with?  How did those compare with the current Siemens EL-34s's you have?  

I had mine built with the KT-66's and really have enjoyed the sound.  I wanted a little more low end and a less highs with my Klipsch speakers.
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