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12/12/18 at 17:03:00 


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WANTED: Schematics for Model ZTPRE  tube pre amp (Read 2951 times)
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WANTED: Schematics for Model ZTPRE  tube pre amp
12/30/13 at 23:09:42
I am looking for a schematics for my ZTPRE. I purchased this unit some time ago but was using a Classe pre amp at the time and put the ZTPRE in storage. Recently, my Classe decided to get sick so, I had to pull out my ZTPRE and I am glad I did. I am a reel to reel guy and have some new 15ips classical and jazz tapes. I also have a Tascam 42B tape deck and Amina Tube Tape Head Pre Amp for tape playback. Once I put in the ZTPRE the music began to blossom. My tapes sound was awesome. I played a couple of my hi quality audio CD's, in particular, I played the Bill Evans "34 Skidoo" for the album, Blue In Green. The ZTPRE permitted me to hear Eddie Gomez sing certain parts of his bass solo. Eddie Gomez's instrument jumped out of my Magnapan modified 1.6 speakers right into my listening room. This was a powerful experience for me. This leads me to requesting if someone, anyone has a schematics for this pre amp. I want to changs some of the caps and resistors because I believe this pre amp can sound even better. Can anyone help me with this request??? Thank you all.  Musicmanbob Smiley
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Re: WANTED: Schematics for Model ZTPRE  tube pre amp
Reply #1 - 12/30/13 at 23:29:30

I can imagine you love your ZTPRE the way I love my CSP2 and CSP2+s. . . they really add to musical enjoyment.

I would suggest emailing Steve or Sarah or both about the schematic and/or cap and resistor values and locations.
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