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06/18/18 at 16:38:15 


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Tonian Acoustic TL-D 8.1S with PHY-HP Drivers (Read 2046 times)
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Tonian Acoustic TL-D 8.1S with PHY-HP Drivers
12/25/13 at 22:32:42
Up for sale is a superb set of custom high efficiency loudspeakers from Tonian Labs.  These speakers were made based on the Tonian Acoustics Classic 8.1S model.  They are the same design internally only the external of the cabinet is different.  The external of the cabinet is based on the very popular Tonian TLD-1 style.  It is made from beautiful baltic birch wood.  It is designed to work with the vibration by releasing it naturally instead of dampening it.  The specks are 98db sensitivity, 16 Ohm, and about 43 - 40hz.  

This speaker is based around the highly regarded PHY-HP high efficiency wide bandwidth driver.  It uses the H21 LB15 Sag 8" driver which uses a high quality alnico magnet.  These drivers alone sell for around $1400 a piece.  It also uses the custom TLR ribbon tweeter by Tonian Acoustics.

How do they sound?  Well, they really are my last speakers.  Unfortunately, I'm only selling along with the rest of my system because I need the cash.  
The sound is ultimately very natural and organic.  The music flows with a sense of coherency and liveliness.  Dynamic, dynamic, dynamic!  Highly detailed and transparent.  Also, brutally honest.  Whatever is upstream will be heard.  Change out a cable or power cord and it will absolutely be easlily distinguished from the other.  This particular model doesn't have many reviews online, however Tonian's entry level model TLD-1 MkII has gotten rave reviews as well as the higher end model which uses the larger 12" PHY-HP driver.  Here are some links to reviews on these as well as on the drivers:





My asking price is $3995 plus shipping and paypal fee if used.  I've had the speaker for a few months and they are absolutely like new with original shipping boxes.  Again, I am only selling because I am in a financial bind and need the cash.  This speaker is the same as the Classic 8.1S internally which sells for close to $9000.  This is an awesome deal!  Thanks for looking.

See pics at my ad on audiocircle:
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