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Frustrating SET Bashers (Read 11575 times)
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Re: Frustrating SET Bashers
Reply #60 - 01/15/14 at 07:08:25
Lon, looking at your earlier post struck home to me. I also see things like this on a daily basis, not so much Hi-Fi related as Bluray and hi-def TV stuff related.

I give up and just say that if you can not see the difference between this and that, then save yourself some money and buy the lesser resolving one and brag that you saved a lot of money.

I have only a minor, beginner system. My cabling is mostly homemade. The three sets of upper grade cables I own are only middle of the road, but the difference between average and my "betters" is not quite like night and day but more like fog or no fog.

I am old (in my way of thinking - 58) and have lost a great deal of my ability to hear, due to my earlier lifestyle in music production, but I feel sorry for some of these people who claim to hear perfectly, yet can not. It may be that they could never have heard well in the start. It is sad.

Keep on lettin' it roll off. Take your own way and be glad that you can do all that you can do.

I empathize. I often want to just slap people. I resist. I can still SEE!
If they can not, then I feel sorry for them, too.
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Re: Frustrating SET Bashers
Reply #61 - 01/15/14 at 11:21:34
I bet Aladin would have a nice set up.
So,so,so much gear out there promising this and that.
You`ve got the money they`ve got the gear.
I`m sorting boxes out to get jupitered and have all my
i/c`s xilver shadowed. I know it`ll be a night`n`dayer
even though I couldn`t be happier as is. So why do it ?
Even an inverted snob like me knows  technology is out
there and if you can steer towards good reccomendations
you don`t have to feel disappointed.
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