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12/10/18 at 06:16:22 


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Hum in right channel (Read 2070 times)
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Hum in right channel
12/02/13 at 15:56:38
I just got my new Tor II Mk4 amp and have about 20 hours on it and it seems to have developed a hum in the right channel that can be heard from my listening position when the source is quite.  I am brand new to tube amps, so the only thing that I have attempted at this point, besides switching positions of the impedance switch, reconstructive feedback switch and bass control switch,  is to dis-connect the source cables from the amp so that the speakers are connected and the power is connected with no source connected.  Doing this did not change the level of the hum.  There is a very slight hum in the left channel, but the right channel is much louder.  The hum does change and gets louder as the volume is increased.  

I followed the installation instructions and it seemed that there was no difference in the channels to begin with.

Please let me know where to start to troubleshoot this issue.


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Re: Hum in right channel
Reply #1 - 12/02/13 at 16:02:17
I'll offer a few things to try.

Make sure your speaker cables are well connected, nice and securely on the posts at both ends.

Try moving the tubes from one side to the other and see if the hum stays the same or moves from one side or the other.

Calling Steve is the definitive thing to do.
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