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08/31/15 at 16:25:33

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A Bevy of Decware (Read 5144 times)
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Re: A Bevy of Decware
Reply #15 - 12/22/13 at 00:02:06
Hi Lonely Raven--

The tube is a United Electronics Corp. 596 tube. A direct replacement for a 5U4. The description says that it's a high-altitude version of the 1641. http://www.radiomuseum.org/tubes/tube_596.html

Currently it is very hard to find and expensive. It was about $18 year ago and now it commands well over $150 a tube. I really like the sound but I also think some Tung-Sol and RCA 5U4GB tubes sound equally as impressive. [img][/img]
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Lonely Raven
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Re: A Bevy of Decware
Reply #16 - 12/24/13 at 06:17:08

Thank you for that, it certainly looks cool. I remember seeing them on eBay at reasonable prices, but don't see any now.
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