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05/21/18 at 02:14:24 


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Chicago Decware APpreciation Society (CDAPS) (Read 1094 times)
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Chicago Decware APpreciation Society (CDAPS)
11/18/13 at 13:14:02
The inaugural Chicago Decware Appreciation Society meeting was held yesterday amidst all the storms.  Lonely Raven, President and CEO (chief ears officer) of CDAPS hosted the meeting.

Topics covered included diffusion, 2 watts versus 6 and Lonely Raven's integrated media delivery platform featuring his Oppo 105.  

A special time was carved out to address "members in waiting," a time where other members offer support and remind members waiting for a Decware amp build that it will be built, it will sound good and they will really, really like their new amp.

Overall the meeting was a success and CDAPS welcomes other members from the surrounding area wishing to join the fun to PM myself or LR   Grin
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Re: Chicago Decware APpreciation Society (CDAPS)
Reply #1 - 11/18/13 at 17:33:32

LOL - I'm like, what the hell is CDAPS ...oh, apparently I'm president.

It was great seeing you yesterday! I don't think it helped alleviate my distress waiting for the Mystery Amp...if anything, it only made me antsy to have it, and my fleet of diffusers built.

I appreciate the compliments on the sound in my room...it still has a long way to go, but it's great to have someone say it's going in the right direction! Feel free to ping me if you want help building your own diffusers or absorbers!

Next time we do this, I'm hoping to have some non-audiophile friends over to hopefully get them to understand what it is we're doing (besides simply buying exotic hardware for large sums of money - as they see it).

I still think your hearing is probably better than mine!
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