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01/20/17 at 14:09:07 

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Torii MK4 - Tube Rolling and Some Observations (Read 8375 times)
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Re: Torii MK4 - Tube Rolling and Some Observations
Reply #105 - 01/10/17 at 21:38:57
Mark, the tube Steve recommended is the Siemens PCC88/7DJ8. Not sure if those designations indicate the year they're from or not. I'm told they are very detailed with a gorgeous airy high end, silky vocals and tight bass. Steve mentioned getting long bottles but Andy at Vintage Tube Services had no idea what that was........and that's a first for him! I constantly floored by his knowledge of tubes and vintage gear. I also ordered a pair of Mullard input tubes, supposedly the antithesis of the Siemens. I want to see which input tube works best in my system.

Output tube question. I'm told the RCA 6L6GC black plates should last about 20,000 hours in the Torii. That seems high. Many seem to replace theirs yearly. Will the tubes actually last 20,000 hours but lose their fidelity much sooner?
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