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09/19/19 at 01:04:49 


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CSP2 with ZP3 combo (Read 2132 times)
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CSP2 with ZP3 combo
10/18/13 at 02:27:53

Do any of you folks run this combination? If so, what results are you getting? Does the ZP3 increase the "Decware magic" so-to-speak?
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Re: CSP2 with ZP3 combo
Reply #1 - 10/18/13 at 21:59:51
Sort of a good question m7, the ZP3 is definitely part of my Decware chain that just seem to fit naturally. It was my first piece and once settled in I had a wow experience. So, more Decware amps followed including the CSP2+. The brilliant low end power can be be a revelation when you step into `audiophile` land, and, as I did, the sweetness of the SET EL34`s is magical. The CSP is like your `go to` amp. Pre in/out and the master volume. Nice and quiet, smooth. Maybe a little tube rolling before a session and you can enjoy. Then your TT and cart can can have their attention to detail.

You can be sure the ZP3 will faithfully replay  everything going into it. You really do believe it. No hype. A little extra `fairy dust` ? Well I dont do digital, my old cd player soon got the boot. My Nakamichi sounds great even though you can hear the slight warmth compared to vinyl.
Back to the question does the ZP3 increase the magic ? It does by dint of not adding colouration.
Love it.

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