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06/27/19 at 07:14:41 


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Speakers ready to ship - need speaker wires! (Read 1325 times)
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Speakers ready to ship - need speaker wires!
10/10/13 at 02:23:33

Just received confirmation that my new ERR speakers are ready to ship!
The only part missing is the speaker wires to my SE34I.3 in the office at about 31' which comes is quite expensive.

I was wondering what you would recommend for that length without compromising audio quality? I have a W4S-DAC2 and was wondering if their cables are a good match?

Thanks for your feedback - this is exciting!
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Re: Speakers ready to ship - need speaker wires!
Reply #1 - 10/10/13 at 02:45:31
Hi Sev, there is a really good thread going on 10' speaker cables here:

That is a pretty long run for cables though ... considering a lot of the cables mentioned in that thread are around $300 - $400 for 10' that may limit your choices in consideration of your budget (you may want to post the max you can spend).

For that much distance higher gauge runs may be appropriate. I'm thinking at least 12 gauge. I'm currently using Cables2Go Velocity cables and I compared them to Clear Day Cables and while I thought the Clear Days were better, but for the price the Velocity held their ground respectively (considering that a 10' pair of Clear Days cost $280 and a 10' pair of Velocity are only $19).

That being said, you will probably need someone who can do custom lengths like Blue Jeans Cable.
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