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transformers (Read 2812 times)
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10/07/13 at 03:27:07
Hi Steve and any interested viewer,
   I am building a DIY PTP amp based on the SE84. The power transformer is fairly straight forwad based on how much I want to spend. The output transformers are a different animal.
I beleive I have seen that they are a 9.8K to 6 ohm and voltage is about 345VDC if I recall can you provide me the frquency range. Would it be possible to get the magnetics provider you use to try to order a pair directly from them??? I recently purchased a SE84C that appears to have the Hazen mod, what does the CKC mod cost? Is their any data available for DIY upgrade? Thanks!! Hey Have you ever thought about doing apprenticeships for DIYers? Say have a tuition for a 6 week course onsite as long as we stay DIY and can'y use your designs for personel gain etc.
Happy DecFest
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Re: transformers
Reply #1 - 10/07/13 at 20:04:52

I just happened to ask Steve a similar question this weekend. I don't know who the manufacturer of the output transformers is, but Steve said he has some in stock.
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Re: transformers
Reply #2 - 02/27/14 at 15:59:59
I used Edcor XSE output transformers when I rebuilt my select.  They sounded great to me and they are very affordable, just don't expect to get them in a week after you order them.
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