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New Schiit !! (Read 1232 times)
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New Schiit !!
10/04/13 at 04:26:43
With all of the recent forum chatter about DSD, I decided to go to the Schiit website and see if there was any news on their statement DAC that is supposed to be coming out.

Ironically Schitt did something very ingenious, they came out with a piggyback DSD DAC to compliment their line of DAC's

Meet Loki.....


Now without getting into specs in comparison with other high end DACS, for a $150 bucks, this seems like a winner.  What's nice about this DAC is that it can be used with any DAC on the market, so someone with an already good DAC that wants to jump into DSD, doesn't have to spend a ton of money all over again.

If someone has the time to do a more complete comparison on the specs, please post it.  Any thoughts or comments on this DAC would be appreciated.


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