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Anedio D2 DAC (Read 1064 times)
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Re: Anedio D2 DAC
Reply #15 - 10/21/13 at 04:28:14
In my experience, you have to pay more than $5000 on a DAC to get that last 5% and the money would be better spent on tube upgrades.

Kana813, on previous threads (before your first exit) you said you liked the PWD MKII more then Weiss DAC 202 and you returned the Torii MKIII before the 30 day trial ended because you preferred the Leben CS600. That indicates you like a more warm and forgiving sound signature as both those DACS and amps are polar opposites.  

I totally get why you would not like the Anedio D2 DAC, it really would not fit your listening preferences.

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Re: Anedio D2 DAC
Reply #16 - 10/23/13 at 03:28:55
The Anedio D2 continues to impress me. I moved the D2 to the Living Room System. Dynamic, with superb Tonal balance.

I am Listening to it right now with:
Sony DVP-NS57P as Transport (over priced TPorts can stick it-I've tried just about all of them that matter-this little sh_t delivers)
Illuminati D-60 RCA for Digital IC (Redbook)
Anedio D2 DAC
Kimber Hero IC RCA
.....driving my XPA-2 Emotiva Amplifier/Kimber PK10 Palladian Power Kord & Kimber 8TC Speaker Cable.....direct with the D2 preamp....to my Polk SRS SDA 1.2 Speakers.

Very musical for Solid State (where I can actually enjoy it).

I need to order a separate Amp Stand for my pending Mystery Amplifier & 1 meter Kimber 1026 (meaning: pull the XPA-2 out and the Hero out)...replaced by the Mystery Amp with 1026 IC.....with the 8TC to the SDA 1.2's.  I have a feeling it is going to be a winning combination with KT66 Or KT120's!   -S

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Sony as Transport
Illuminati D-60
Audio Alchemy DTI-Pro
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Audio Alchemy DDE 3.0
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Zen Select #76
Kimber Select 3033
Polk Audio LS-90
Tri-config/TipToes & Vibropods underneath Speakers
360 degree Rm Treats
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