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03/31/15 at 09:40:23

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ZSTAGE or ZBOX? (Read 350 times)
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09/21/13 at 19:38:06
OK post #2.

I inherited my Dad's 25+ year old 200 jazz lp's in excellent condition and a Technics turntable in excellent condition. I am using better RCA audio cables and I upgraded the cartridge to a Grado Black 1.

My system: Technics>Onkyo AVR>MK3>Omen Def

One recommendation was to substitute the Onkyo AVR as phono preamp to ART DJ phono stage for $50???

I was wondering if the Zbox or Zstage would offer me a better soundstage and continue to use the Onkyo AVR? Honestly I do not know with what application you would use the Zbox or Zstage.

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Reply #1 - 09/21/13 at 20:09:52
This is exactly the type of application a ZBox or ZStage is made for, between a CD source or a phono preamp and an amplifier or receiver input.

Personally I think yes, the ZBox or ZStage would render you more improvement (and flexibility) than that other preamp. You can't really know til you try, though. . . .

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