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05/23/18 at 04:34:07 


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Decware in the software biz? (Read 1037 times)
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Decware in the software biz?
09/17/13 at 22:52:41
These files will be played back on our dedicated MAC server via USB using our software so that we can ensure bit perfect output with no manipulations like the ones detected in virtually all of the popular playback software we've tried.

did anybody else catch this(above) in the email sent out awhile back from Steve entitled:

"DECFEST2013 New Products for this years fest."

in particular, the part about "using our software".

Is Decware in the software engineering/programming business now - for Mac OS based machines?

as a music server is my next great audio quest/objective, this particularly caught my eye...

what do those "in the know" - know about this?
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Re: Decware in the software biz?
Reply #1 - 09/18/13 at 03:22:56
What that was intended to mean was that I will be using my dedicated laptop as the music server during the fest with my choice of software.  Put your music on a memory stick or write the files to a DVD and I will transfer them to the laptop server for listening.  

Ironically, the name Decware comes from a business I started in the late 1980's where I wrote BBS software (FIDO/OPUS).  I also of course ran a BBS ("Bulletin Board System" for you post internet readers)  I also coded something called the Online Shopping Mall and created a international network called OMNET.  It was a way for people to type into a search box anything they wanted to shop for, and see related products pop up from different stores for instant comparison shopping.  During the final year of Beta testing the whole system with live stores, I had a computer crash and despite my automated Tape Backup System which failed when I went to restore... My last 3400 hours of source code evaporated into hyperspace.  I pulled the plug on it and shifted my attention to audio.  I must say I still feel a little sting every time I get on ebay.

Despite being really good at it once, programming playback software is not something I'd be any good at now.  The technology moves too fast.

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