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HR 1 owners..Steve D.,Lon,Will,Chris K,Riveraranch (Read 3765 times)
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Re: HR 1 owners..Steve D.,Lon,Will,Chris K,Riveraranch
Reply #15 - 09/04/13 at 18:48:27
Thanks Chris.

The dots....I use Marigo 3mm green dots. http://marigoaudio.com/tuning-dots/

First I tried them on the mid/bass drivers of the 944s, then on the HR-1s since I immediately heard the sound I had tuned out of the 944s with the new HR-1s. Could be just my taste, but I really like them in both my rooms.

If careful and prompt, you can quickly pull them and they will still stick again for a few tries. The best is to try one at a time, and if you like it, add another. At some point it will sound like too much so pull that last one. I did one per front mid/bass driver to begin with. A little while later I tried one on the Radials. Then one more on the front, and finally one more on the radials. So I have two on each driver...four per speaker.

But at this point, the adhesive from the original dots does not work, so I very carefully tried them with Elmers acid free, archival/removable glue stick. This works well, but I wonder if this glue is optimal and allowing as much control as the original...I don't know, less dots with the original glue might be as effective.

I used a black sharpy first to mask the green. I mounted the dots on the front driver opposite one another horizontally, just inside the protruding/flexible part of the rubber surround. So they sit on the flat rubbery part that is glued to the cone just inside the protrusion...not touching it.

On the radials they are also opposite, but one is about a third of the way up from the bottom of the cone, and the other about half way up. Not sure it matters, but this is how I did it.
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