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09/16/14 at 08:40:46

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Suggestions 10' Speaker Cables (Read 11193 times)
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Re: Suggestions 10' Speaker Cables
Reply #105 - 08/24/14 at 16:47:24
The cost of interconnects are just insane. Like power cables. And speaker cables.  I just came to a realization that because I have these amazing Decware components and a fantastic source or three I love what they can do for the whole system, and have to bite the bullet and realize they are as important as component choices and if I have to pay component prices. . . I can't forget what they can do and I just have to shell out. (I've done a bit of DYI in audio, but I don't want DYI stuff in my system, not sure why exactly, I just like a whole system with that bit of "polish" that I can't "do myself" as well).

That said, buying used is the way to go for the most part. Sometimes you have to wait a LONG time to find the used ones you want.

I decided that the PS Audio AC-12 worked the best wieth every component I hooked it to and was as high up the food chain as I could ever afford to climb with a clear conscience, so I eventually cornered all I needed in the used market, and a few new but discounted heavily.

I found VooDoo Cables and found that they really work best for me of all I've tried in the interconnect world, and patiently I've found two used Ultralinear ones, which are just amazing to me, and also Evolution ones, which are not quite Ultralinear but almost. In time if I can find Ultralinear used at prices I want to pay  I may have an all Ultralinear system. Having Ultralinear from DirectStream to CSP2+ and from CSP2+ into Torii Mk III. . . wow, best sound ever.

I think it makes sense for me to investigate VooDoo Cable speaker cables. .. but I really really want to be done trying things out in the system! (Though realistically, will that ever happen for any of us?) I'm very happy with the Mapleshade Double Helix Plus though, really happy with them, they work well with all the cabling and character of the system, and don't really think of replacements/experimenting.
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