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Can Decware Speakers Drive Electrostatic Headphone (Read 3564 times)
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Can Decware Speakers Drive Electrostatic Headphone
08/11/13 at 18:32:45

i'm pretty new here, so if this is at the wrong area do correct me or move it. Thanks

I have not owned any decware products(Unfortunately) as i am currently a student and am using the stax for my desktop listening. But listening and reading on all the reviews of decware items, i am very eager to try it.

Is it possible for the taboo to be used to drive the Stax Sr-009? and can anyone here who have electrostatics give me a brief breakdown on the differences?

Thank you for reading.
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Re: Can Decware Speakers Drive Electrostatic Headphone
Reply #1 - 08/11/13 at 22:50:07
Hey Rotijon,

Welcome, You ask a very interesting question.  Stax ear speakers are on my wish list.  My kit includes the Decware SE341.3 Rachael that I would/wish to power them.

Now, for the learned to advise us.

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Re: Can Decware Speakers Drive Electrostatic Headphone
Reply #2 - 08/12/13 at 05:15:23

I own Stax Lambda Pro's with the SRM-1 Pro Amp as well as the CSP+ and Taboo III, so I have some experience with this question. Currently, my Stax equipment is boxed up and ready for sale.

Is it possible for the taboo to be used to drive the Stax Sr-009?

The answer is NO, not directly.  As you know, the voltages required by electrostatic headphones are very high. Decware amp's are not designed to drive electrostatic headphones directly. Also, electrostatic headphones have a special type of connector (not a phono or XLR type) which is not compatible with standard stereo amps, including Decware amps.

Assuming you are using speakers and headphones for listening to your music, you need to purchase an outboard dynamic to electrostatic converter such as the Woo Audio "WEE"  from here http://www.wooaudio.com/products/wee.html for $499.00 US. You would then connect your source to the input of the Taboo III. Then, you would connect the Taboo IIIs speaker output terminals to the WEE's speaker input terminals and the WEEs speaker output terminals to your speakers and obtain very good results. Your Stax headphones can be plugged into the WEE. This would eliminate the need for your current Stax headphone amp which (sonically) could be a good or bad thing depending on which Stax amp you are currently using. The advantages of this more flexible setup are:
1. you get a switch on the WEE to turn the speakers on/off when listening to HPs via the WEE which doesn't exist on the Taboo III alone;
2. you can also listen to other dynamic headphones like the Audeze LCD-2/3 line for which the Taboo III was made and
3. you can listen to speakers of your choice.

P.S. As you know Stax 009s are super expensive and amongst the 2 or 3 best headphones money can buy, electrostatic or dynamic. If I owned or were contemplating buying Stax 009s, for an amp I would be thinking "Blue Hawaii" or "Woo WES or GES".  If your student budget permits. Wink These are purpose built TOL electrostatic amps for SR-007s or 009s.

Hope this helps.

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