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05/23/18 at 07:42:07 


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Ripping WAV files to DVD (Read 622 times)
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Ripping WAV files to DVD
07/30/13 at 00:43:27
Based upon the recommendations of those I respect on the board I acquired a PS Audio Memory Player.  One of the big pluses for me is that  it will play 24/96 .wav files burned to a DVD.  I downloaded a few from HD Tracks but I am not sure the best way to burn them for max audio quality.

The few I have burned have been done using Windows Media Player and the slowest speed my 16x drive will go (2x).  I think the 24/96 'CDs' I created sound good, but I am thinking maybe there are after market programs that will allow me to burn even high quality 'CDs".  Then again, maybe not...

Any help GREATLY appreciated!!
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