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Thanks for the Recommendation (Read 607 times)
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Thanks for the Recommendation
07/28/13 at 01:22:34
Based upon the recommendations of those I respect on the board I acquired a PS Audio Memory Player (earlier today in fact).  While it won't play SACD it will play 24/96 .wav files burned to a DVD.  My question is where can I find good .wav files without breaking the bank.  I downloaded a few from HD Tracks but I have already spent $60 there tonight and was hoping not to burn 18-$24 for each CD.

Thanks!  :)

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Re: Thanks for the Recommendation
Reply #1 - 07/28/13 at 03:26:03
Congrats Ian! The Transport is a great component. I haven't been buying hires downloads, so can't help you with lower cost options. . . .
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