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01/27/15 at 21:16:05

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What are your Taboo III meter readings? (Read 716 times)
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What are your Taboo III meter readings?
07/07/13 at 23:36:15
I've had my Taboo III for several months now and loving it. I was using it primarilly as a speaker amp with my Omega 3Es. I, disconnected the speakers and, temporarilly, switched it to a headphones only amp (LCD-2.1). Without speakers connected I seem to have a very slight mv drop on both meters ( from 28mv per side down to about 26mv).

Rectifier tube: NOS Philips 5R4GYS
Input tube: changed from 6N1P-EV to NOS Telefunken E88CC
Driver tubes: 6P15P-EB.

The manual says 30mv is optimal, but anything between 20-40mv is acceptable and useable.  I'm wondering what other owners have for meter readings (preferrably without speakers connected, although I don't know if that should make any difference) and whether, and how much, the sound might change from an optimal 30mv to 26mv.

I have the feeling I may be nit picking here. Roll Eyes

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System 1: Computer/Linux OS > W4S DAC-2DSDse > ZBIT box > Woo WA-2 / CSP3 > Taboo III > Omega 3E / LCD-2.1/ Beyer DT-990/DT-1350
System 2: Yamaha PX-2 (Shure Ultra) / Oppo DV983H > Classe CAP2100 > Thiel 7.2
System 3: Fisher:R200/X202B > Magnapan MMG
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Re: What are your Taboo III meter readings?
Reply #1 - 03/29/14 at 16:04:59
28 both sides on mine new and headphones only...
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Cheers / Robert
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