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Torii Mk II (Read 620 times)
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Torii Mk II
06/23/13 at 00:11:53
There is a Torii MK II listed on eBay, can someone tell me what the selling price was in 2009? They have it listed for 2295.00! Also is it possible to have it upgraded to a MK III.

Thanks in advance.

Kevin Huh
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Re: Torii Mk II
Reply #1 - 06/23/13 at 00:35:55
I think that's not too far off the mark. . .. for a brand new one. Might have been 2000 dollars at the time. Can't remember precisely.

I don't believe that it can be upgraded to Mk III, because the chassis layout is different enough. I have both a Mk II and a Mk III. I love them both, they're both great amps. I'd say the Mk II is a more forgiving amp, in the way that the integrated is a bit more forgiving for example than one of the Super Zens (or at least let me say this: I think the Mk II has a bit more forgiving nature than the Mk III, not stellar recordings can sound  a bit nicer on the Mk II than on the Mk III).
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