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Just built a pair of ZOBs - WOW! (Read 2284 times)
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Just built a pair of ZOBs - WOW!
06/10/13 at 19:21:28
About two weeks ago I completed my ZOB open baffle speakers, built from Steve Deckert's plans. I was too impatient to await availability of the  FRX2 drivers, so I went ahead and used the TangBand 1808 drivers, recommended by Steve as a second best. Well, let me tell you. If these are a second option, I cannot wait for the FRX2's to become available.

At first connection I was more than just pleased. Hell, they even worked! As promised, the base was solid down to around 40hz. In fact everything was in wonderful balance - no mid-range shout. Were they as good as my Gallo Classics? Not quite, but let's not rush to judgement. The highs, as produced by the Gallos, are almost electrostatic in resolution, with a clarity and definition that not many speakers can approach. Symbols sing with uncanny reality. This level of purity was not nearly approached by the ZOBS. But don't forget, these were their first minutes of life. Then a few days ago these ZOBS registered a phenomenal change.

The highest octaves began to really sing, and brought with it a soundstage that  the Gallos never achieved. And even after a month, they are still improving. I am amazed that a single eight-inch speaker is capable of this kind of performance. Needless to say I am thrilled, and I cannot imagine what those other drivers will bring to the game.

Thank you Steve for your patient and disciplined design work. Your efforts have produced art.

Lynn Davison
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