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06/21/18 at 09:37:39 


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Mini Maggie System (Read 1000 times)
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Mini Maggie System
05/31/13 at 19:05:51
Anybody own or try the Mini Maggie System?  I want it for a bedroom setup...to heck with my desktop...if it can do 3.7 magic.

I know some here have had success driving Magnepan MMG's and Steve has used them too with his original mono block Amps (bigger models). Steve also has a pair hanging in his shop unclothed (12's I think). I have always liked them and worked there going to college many moons ago... .

Since I have a 4ohm Tranny in my CKC by mistake....I might take them up on their Trial Offer...I can pick them up direct and save the shipping cost....Magnepan is 10 miles from me.  -Stone

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Re: Mini Maggie System
Reply #1 - 06/01/13 at 19:27:50
Drag your CKC over and test it out.  I assume they have a showroom or offices with their wares you can play with.
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