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06/18/18 at 02:53:41 


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eureka!!! (Read 1765 times)
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05/29/13 at 18:46:28
WOW! I had to bypass board RCA jack mounts and directly connected good chassis mounted RCA jacks to where signal input and ground jumper wires terminate and I have MUSIC!! I have not done the VCT mod but I have no hum, still will probably do. The SOUND is GREAT even with minimal burn in and just using Bose shelf speakers!!! I am still building my Decware speakers, can't wait!!!! If anyone wonders if this is worth it my answer is a resounding YES!!!
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Re: eureka!!!
Reply #1 - 05/31/13 at 13:56:57
Congratulations, Steve!

I thought I read that you got a power transformer off Ebay.  Did it have a center tap for the heater wires?

Of course...pictures are always welcome.

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