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12/18/18 at 19:38:29 


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Cable Burn in for Silver/Copper Interconnects (Read 3326 times)
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Cable Burn in for Silver/Copper Interconnects
05/11/13 at 16:47:40
I have been doing some reading on cable burn for Silver and Copper interconnects.  

Is there any truth to the statement that Silver wires need a higher current to be properly burned in??  The reason for asking is that if I purchase a set of pure silver interconnects and use them with a turntable, or and ipod with low level voltage output , will the current ever be strong enough to burn in the Silvers properly.  I have heard that with Copper it's not a problem.

I know that I could easily swap out the turntable cable to another device to burn it in, but the iPod cable will be a problem.  

I had just received my MAC SilverQuad+ cable last night that Steve already burned in for me.  I will report back when I get a chance.  

I do have a separate CD made specifically for Speaker burn.....will that suffice for the cable as well?

Any input would be appreciated

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Re: Cable Burn in for Silver/Copper Interconnects
Reply #1 - 01/20/14 at 09:05:19
Get yourself a cable burner like the frybaby. Silver takes a longer time than copper ( so they say) but I dont really think you will find any data on the extra hours.

The burn in makes a huge difference since the voltage on the IC is pretty low and can take a long time. The frybaby is money well spent.

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