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03/25/19 at 06:38:13 


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CSP2+ added to the signal path (Read 1704 times)
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CSP2+ added to the signal path
04/21/13 at 21:20:43
I've noticed many Torii Mk II & III owners couple their amps with this preamp. So do some of the Super Zen (and similar) amp owners. I don't therefore see why it would not be also convenient with the Mini Torii.

Aside from some added sound weight, dynamics and better sound control, the CSP2+ can further enhance its contribution with more fine-tuning potential through its variable input and output adjustments.

The concept becomes even more interesting if we consider that "riding the gain' now becomes exponential: You can ride the gain within the CSP2+ (by adjusting the variable inputs and outputs, accordingly), and then use the master volume control against the Mini Torii's volume setting, for a compounded 'gain riding' effect.

This process opens up a myriad of possible input/output combinations, allowing for a much better matching to the particular system's configuration and signature, and to better compensate for its shortcomings.

Furthermore, if the CSP2+ is as neutral as it is supposed to be, its particular contribution should lessen/dilute the unavoidable 'coloring' of the DAC's signals going to the Mini Torii.  Ater all, all DACs have their own signature (no DAC is perfect), which combines with the amp's own signature.

Having the analog signal being processed by the more neutral preamp will assist in eliminating unwanted 'coloring' from the DAC (especially if the DAC is not top grade).

Therefore, for the cost of adding a CSP2+ and an additional pair of IC's, we can get all the benefits described, including the enhancements inherent to the CSP2+ itself.

Now, compare this proposition to just upgrading your DAC. The new DAC will make significant improvements only when one invests substantially in it. And then, you still get the 'coloring' involved anyway. Most DACs do a good job at converting, but that's just part of the job. The difference between good and excellent DACs lay more on the analog output stage (coloring source), than in its conversion and re-clocking (jitter prevention) duties.

I'm sure Torii Mk II & III owners, as well as some of the others are well aware of this, but I have not seen the Mini Torii community discussing this important sound improvement avenue. This is significantly more pervasive than the simple ZStage proposition, for example.

Any experiences?
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