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Acoustic Elegance 12M and Tweeter (Read 4275 times)
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Acoustic Elegance 12M and Tweeter
04/05/13 at 07:44:25
I've been looking to build a design like this ever since I cruised the DIYsoundgroup website for the waveguide speakers. This 12Pro design seems like more ingenuity and R&D went into it so I will choose this. However, I have a few questions.

From what I can see this is a ported design correct? Is there a sealed design?

I would like to use the Acoustic Elegance 12M woofer and either the DNA-360 or a custom fitted Raal 140-15D. Would this be possible or would this screw up the original design.  The waveguide for the Raal tweeter can be found at diysoundgroup. Is there anyway you could adjust the design to fit that set up or no?

I know I am asking a lot so please feel free to chastise me as such. If not all help is appreciated. Also if the Raal tweeter is overkill then please tell me. I want the best sounding speaker within reason.
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