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03/25/19 at 10:52:27†


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Torii MKIII first impressions (Read 2921 times)
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Torii MKIII first impressions
03/25/13 at 18:46:15
Iíve had the Torii MKIII for a few weeks now. †I was of course looking forward to listening to it, but also maybe a bit skeptical that I would hear a big difference from my prior amp (solid state monoblocks). †Skepticism misplaced. †Big difference; immediately apparent. †The Torii provides a clarity and tonal richness that Iíve never heard before in my system. †Very satisfying. †The bass, treble, and bias controls are also very cool and work as Steve describes. †FWIW, I had been wondering if the 25 watts would be enough for my speakers (91 db Golden Ear Triton Twos with built-in subs in a largish room), but I reach comfortable listening levels at about step 5 (!) on the 20-step attenuator.
Thanks Decware for a fine product and great service.
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Re: Torii MKIII first impressions
Reply #1 - 03/25/13 at 19:06:06
B, So glad that the amp IMMEDIATELY impressed you. That's just the beginning. Years in my Torii STILL amazes me how it responds to music material, tube-rolling, isolation components, power treatment--it is such a wonderful musical tool.
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