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iD100 Cambridge Audio Digital iPod or iPad Dock (Read 417 times)
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iD100 Cambridge Audio Digital iPod or iPad Dock
01/31/13 at 16:47:16
Anyone else here have one of these? I am very pleased with mine and recommend, if you're so inclined to use one.

I have an iPad2. I rip my CD's in my HP TouchSmart Computer using Apple Lossless with CD error correction. I then Sync the Lossless Albums to my iPad2.

For context:
I dock the iPad2 on my Cambridge iD100. Input takes place with Digital Illuminati D-60 S/PDIF BNC to Audio Alchemy DTI PRO 32 in 20 Bit Dither via Revelation Audio Labs Silver Prophecy Cryo I2S Digital Cable to AA DDE 3.0........Kimber Select 1030 to Decware Super Zen CKC to Kimber Select 3033 to Polk LS 90.

My Room is Acoustically Treated and I will receive my Zu Union Speakers next week (with 600 hours of factory burn in) to achieve the Dynamics I have been craving with the Tone & Texture I like.

I am very pleased with the iPad2 with Apple Lossless running through the Cambridge iD100! I like what I am hearing with this Data Stream Dithered to 20 Bit & Reclocked in my DTI. This Interface (iPad2/iD100) instead of Transport is carving out some Serious Musicality. The Remote with the iD100 is of quality too.....not the cheesy one that Wadia provides with their Dock.

Anyone using the iD100 or thoughts comments?  -Stone
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Re: iD100 Cambridge Audio Digital iPod or iPad Dock
Reply #1 - 02/01/13 at 18:51:01
I am not familiar with the Cambridge but I run a modified Onkyo digital dock and iPod classic with lossless and AIFF files and really like it.  I prefer this setup to my Mac mini.
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