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Blown EZ81's (Read 1692 times)
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Blown EZ81's
01/22/13 at 21:00:01
I've blown 2 JJ EZ81's in a relatively short time.  The amp was new 3/2012.  I've been using the stock JJ 6V6's, relieving  them occasionally with a pair of current production T-S 6V6's.

Unfortunately, I don't remember which output tubes were in at the first instance, but the T-S's were in for the second instance.

Both times it's been the EZ81 in the right channel.  Left channel has been no problem.

Any clue what might be the problem?

Hank Sundermeyer
Newark, DE
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Re: Blown EZ81's
Reply #1 - 01/23/13 at 00:27:24
If you checked the rectifier tube on both channels (swapping them), and the same tube is always at fault:

JJ EZ-81 rectifiers have a significant history of early failure.  Mine came after 5 months of use in the Mini.  The general consensus among users seems to be JJ rectifiers (EZ-81's, at least) are not reliable, due some quality control mishap, bad lot or whatever.

Just replace them both with RFT EZ-81's or EZ-80's (my current choice), and you should not have any problems.
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