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Torii Mk2 questions (Read 1090 times)
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Re: Torii Mk2 questions
Reply #15 - 01/21/13 at 02:13:18
I think the tube influence is a little hard to gauge. It depends on what effect each tube brings in part.

The Inputs type makes a big difference in general, while most within types vary too, sometimes a lot in terms of warmth, weight, clarity, brightness or dark, bass etc.

The Rectifier seems to share Input effects as well as the OA3 circuit effect, that is if the MkIII is regulating the Power tubes as it does on the MkIII.

The OA3, OB3, OC3, OD3 progressively reduce density and weight while adding clarity. Also, within the type, warmth and dark/bright and other general tube traits....

Power Tubes similar to Inputs also.....

Forgot the OC2. I usually leave in the Raythion (richer) but for some tube sets the RCA (cleaner). But a OB2...that will really open things up if you need it....similar to the OA3, OB2 etc. but in this case the reg is before the input I believe.

I think they all matter.

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