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Bridging the SE84CKC into mono (Read 2130 times)
Steve Deckert

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Bridging the SE84CKC into mono
01/16/13 at 03:13:17
Bought an SE84C+ from Decware in 2010 and still love it, but would like slightly more wattage for my 96 dB speakers.  My question is … can the newer SE84CKC amp be mono-blocked along with my C+ version with success or is there something about the two that would not recommend doing this?

-Too, I’m still using the tubes that came with my C+ amp, though I do have a number of other tubes that I could substitute, but I take it that it would be wise to use matched tubes (to the degree possible) if I were to use two of the SE84s in a mono-block config?

-I can get Audioquest “Y” connectors with maybe 6” leads, but is this something that Decware can make/provide (1 female/2 male per unit)?  Cost?

-Also, I would need a jumper for each amp (speaker taps); spades would be fine, but I’m thinking banana connectors would be easier.  Cost?

-Finally, please verify that the jumper for each amp would be attached using the same speaker taps on each amp.

Sorry for all the questions, but the decision is to go this Decware route or go back to a small Almarro amp that I can get for about the  same price.  I really like your SE84 and intend to order the CKC version if it will combine well with the Decware I’m using.

I have to be out of town for a couple of days, but next week I want to have something determined and in process.

No problem using the newer SE84CKC along with your C+ amp.  Just adjust the gain controls on each amp until you get a nicely centered image.  You can of course have your C+ version updated with the CKC mod to have matching amplifiers, but until you do I think you'll discover that the slight differences will be complimentary to the balance and tone of the recordings.  This is supported by experiments with using different tubes on each channel and even different amplifiers with similar power ratings.

As far as matched tubes in each side, yes, it's best for maximum power but otherwise does not effect the sound.

As far as matched tubes across both amps, (basically a matched quad shared between the two) the answer is no, it's not necessary.

We don't make an official Y-Cable.  We use MOGAMI copper wire inside the amp between the jacks and the volume control, which is similar to what is used in the Audioquest Y-Cable, so it's pretty hard to hear a big difference there since the 6 inches is so short.   For less money than it would take to make a custom pair of silver Y-Cables we can install a stereo/mono switch inside the amplifier(s) so a Y-Cable is not needed.

The speaker binding posts can be bridged with a small piece of our ZenStyx wire using silver banana jacks, sized to fit perfectly.  The cost would be $75 for the set.

Yes,  if you connect the left amplifier up by using the left positive and right negative, then do the same on the other side.  Here is a sample of one side:

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