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Advice on pairing amp with speakers (Read 977 times)
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Advice on pairing amp with speakers
01/08/13 at 22:15:22
I'm in the process of putting together a better system and really like what I see in the Decware reviews. The build quality and the fact that it's hand built in the US is exactly what I'm looking for. I will be matching the amp with a pair of 1976 Klipsch Cornwalls and a Pro-Ject Debut III turntable. I plan to upgrade the tt to a VPI at some point. Any fellow Cornwall owners that can offer insights into pairing? I'm torn between ordering a Super Zen Triode or the Torii. Thanks!
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Re: Advice on pairing amp with speakers
Reply #1 - 01/09/13 at 15:39:45
I  have a pair  of older  SE-84CS(lects)   bridged (6wpc) that I  used  with a  vintage  pair of  Cornwalls.  Really  nice  combo ,  but a little  bright  in my  room,  which  was a little  small for  them  (12x13)

I  would  have  loved to  have  heard  them  with a Torii, I  think  it  would have  been a  better  match  in my room, especially  with the  ability  to  trim the  upper  frequencies.

Depending  on your  room  size and  musical tastes, I  doubt  2wpc  will be satisfying. If  you can afford  a Torii  I  say  go  for it.

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