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Will a SE84CKC's 2 watts be enough for me? (Read 2107 times)
Steve Deckert

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Will a SE84CKC's 2 watts be enough for me?
01/03/13 at 18:24:48

I am considering the SE84CKC for my small music room as I think it would be a good amp for my setup.  I would be driving it with an Artemis Lab LA-1 tube pre-amp that uses a pair of 6922 tubes.  I mostly listen to vinyl on my VPI Classic 2 and the Artemis Labs PH-1 tube phone amp.  I have Dail Ikon 6 (old model) speakers at 6 ohms, 91.5 efficiency.  I currently  have 2 amps: tube Jolida 502P @ 60w ultralinear and ss Odyssey Stratos Monos @ 180w.  I also have all equipment powered  through a BPT BP-1.

I know you can't give me an exact "fit" analysis.  I would also consider buying two SE84CKC to run  as monoblocks if needed.  Please advise as I'd like to  hear from you.  I do so much prefer buying American, hand made products.

Thank You for your time,


Hi Martin,

The speakers are a good fit for the amp if you don't expect to play them loud.  Reaching a typical listening level with proper weight and dynamics would not be a problem, however get much higher than that probably would be.

I would recommend getting a single amp.  Based on the results of that 30 day trial, we can determine if a second one is really needed or not.


- Steve Deckert

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