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06/25/18 at 18:59:34 


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Zu Audio + Decware (Read 1624 times)
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Zu Audio + Decware
12/27/12 at 01:54:02
I recently purchased and received a pair of Omen Def's and a Zen Triode SE34I.3, but it has not arrived yet.  Originally I wanted the SE34I.3 with 16 ohm taps, if it was possible, and the Soul Superfly's, but Sean mentioned that it is a finicky speaker to match with a tube amp and you do need a 16 ohm tap.  He mentioned he gets more returns with the Superfly's than the Omen Def's.  Plus I wanted it because of the size, only 38" tall and aesthetically pleasing.  Though, I opted for the Omen Def's and they are quite large, but sound great.  

My room is 13.5 x 22 but the seating arrangement is 13.5 x 16.  The speakers are approximately 8 feet apart and the listening distance is around 10 feet.  My wife thinks they are too large and I am 65/35 in favor of keeping them or just returning them for the Superfly's???

Are there any Zu + Decware users with rooms about my size?  What about the SE34I.3 standard with 8 ohm taps and the Soul Superfly's?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this matter.
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Re: Zu Audio + Decware
Reply #1 - 12/27/12 at 02:40:46
I would keep the Omen Defs. You would only get half the power with the 16ohm Superflys. The Omens look more imposing, but have roughly the same footprint.  Your room is large enough for the extra bass energy. And they sound fantastic with the SE34I.3
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