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Turntable (Read 966 times)
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12/08/12 at 04:48:13
Hi All,
I'm getting back into vinyl. My new table (VPI Traveler) with a Ortofon 2M Bronze lands in tomorrow. I have been out of vinyl since 1988. So stupid me I sold all my albums.

So I would have something to play when I get my new toy, I am now the owner of an assortment of 44 vinyl albums. The current phono pre-amps are and old Audio Alchemy VITB and a Bottlehead Seduction.

I hope to get the ZP3 next year.

Kevin Smiley
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Re: Turntable
Reply #1 - 12/08/12 at 04:51:08
Kevin, welcome back to vinyl listening! I've been away for quite some time though I did do a bit of needle-dropping last century. I didn't sell all my lps though, which is quite fortunate!

I know you'll love the ZP3.
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Re: Turntable
Reply #2 - 12/08/12 at 21:41:29
Congratulations on getting back into vinyl. I took a 30 year break from vinyl after I sold all mine to go to college. When I decided to buy a good stereo system for the first time in my life, I decided to get back into it and found it much more enjoyable than CDs or downloads that I'd been listening to. I use a Well Tempered Amedaus after agonizing between it and VPI. I've picked up a few thousand LPs over the last year or so...they're out there if you look hard enough! John
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