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Building a sub (probably February or so) (Read 1529 times)
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Building a sub (probably February or so)
11/11/12 at 00:27:55
Ok, I plan to build a subwoofer. Would love to build the audiophile Wicked One but I just don't have room for it. The footprint is too large for my needs. I have tentatively decided on the HouseWrecker in either a 12" or 10" flavor.

An initial question I have is this: Does this sub benefit from being in contact with the floor? (carpet over concrete FWIW) Since the sub has a sealed bottom, my inclination is that it doesn't matter with this design.

My ZOB's are Maple edged in Walnut. I would like the sub to be walnut edged in maple. The edges I had in mind are the 4 corners and I would like to extend these edges below the bottom of the box to make legs. Maybe elevating the box somewhere between 8 and 12 inches, whatever looks right and doesn't make it too top heavy.
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