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03/30/15 at 10:37:24

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Matsushita/National PCC88/7DJ8 (Read 996 times)
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Matsushita/National PCC88/7DJ8
10/22/12 at 19:07:35
First is this tube safe to use in my Zen-Select? And if so has anyone tried one? If tried is it good,bad or great? And could you describe the sound?

Kevin  :o
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Re: Matsushita/National PCC88/7DJ8
Reply #1 - 10/22/12 at 19:15:39
Hey Kevin, should work, don't see any reason it wouldn't (haven't had a Select in many years, but if it can use 6DJ8 should use this one). Haven't heard it in a Select. . . .
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