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Break In For Zen Select (Read 1138 times)
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Break In For Zen Select
10/20/12 at 03:04:44
The amp landed in on Monday and I am now on the 5th 5 hour on and 19 hours rest in between. From here just play it as long as I want or does it still need major rest between sessions?

Also the JM Labs work better than I thought they would however are not the answer for the amp. These are currently being used for near field listen and must say they sound good but constricted.

Have a question about a EML 5U4G has anyone tried one in this amp? The one thing about it is it seems very very expensive.

Any input would be appreciated.

Kevin Grin Cool
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Re: Break In For Zen Select
Reply #1 - 10/20/12 at 04:24:30
Kevin, how wonderful that the amp is there! I think from now on you can just use it as you will (try not to put it up wet!) and it will just slowly get  better and better.

Never tried that tube! Needless to say there are other, cheaper, options.
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