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More power? (Read 2708 times)
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More power?
10/13/12 at 02:30:06

Does this amp provide more power with KT88s ~ 6550s?

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Re: More power?
Reply #1 - 12/04/12 at 16:56:15
I am unsure of Kt88
But I just put in 6N2P EB's and it added 2 Db of gain.
I am happy with this new tube. My phono pre only has 39db of gain not enough to give me rock n roll gain on alot of LP's. I am now happy the extra 2 db has helped alot. I havee a SE34i.5 with Klipsch Quartets if this helps.
Good luck
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Re: More power?
Reply #2 - 12/04/12 at 17:22:18
I liked those tubes in my .2 Integrated, nice sound. Glad you are enjoying the lps!
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