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COMING SOON (Read 20035 times)
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Reply #30 - 09/25/12 at 13:32:44
What is the brand of that rectifier shown in the picture?
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Reply #31 - 09/25/12 at 14:02:42
Looks like a Valve Art 274B.

Even available from amazon:


I have one that Steve sent me with the CSP2+ I received. Not my cup of tea.
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Reply #32 - 09/25/12 at 14:37:47
Very nice Steve. I will not be able to make it to the Fest this year. However, I certainly do look forward to receiving the SuperZen CKC with Styx speaker wire!   Cheers, Stone

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Reply #33 - 09/25/12 at 14:44:12
1. The SE84CKC looks classic in near wrinkle black -- some of my best memories was from tube radio and such from the 40's and 50's in oven baked wrinkle black.  The tubes lit photo -- yes.

2. And I'm all for someone who engineers with his ears building a push-pull beast.  Sure to beat against those who don't.  And fact is, IF it beats the others in that market, it keeps Decware alive and well to serve the low power purists.  We're an odd bunch.  No need letting someone else get away with less than superb products in the high power range.  Some want big power to feel the kick drum beating on their chest -- why not?
My most real experience was with a world-class vinyl set-up with push-pull monoblocks.  It's a system synergy thing for those who like their electric bills to reek of conspicuous consumption.

3. Me, I'm waiting for the Zen turntable-tonearm which beats the 10-kilobuck big boys for under $1500.  with integral tube moving coil pre-amp.  

Anyone can engineer solutions which work at 10x operating budget.  Doing it under budget is genius.
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Reply #34 - 09/25/12 at 17:08:49

That looks like wrinkly finish like a 1940's typewriter. What was wrong with the white box?

The problem with the white box is simply that with five sides showing it's just too easy to scratch during production when compared to a flat white plate with only one side.  As a result we've had to reject one out of every three chassis.  My upstairs storage room is full of them now.

I like the textured finish.  I can see how fingerprints will not be a problem.  Do you have any specs available?  Now with the CKC announced, what are your plans for the SE84ZS?

The specs are the same as before except that the CKC is standard in all Super Zens's.  The SE84ZS aka "Select" is also updated with the CKC making it exactly the same amplifier but in an alternate looking chassis.
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Reply #35 - 09/25/12 at 18:17:19
Steve -

Just to clarify, the SE84ZS will include the CKC update, but it is housed in the same chassis as the current SE84ZS (white surface plate with wood base)? Or did you mean something entirely different - new black chassis w/wood base?

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