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06/20/18 at 06:26:30 


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Collusion!!! (Read 1380 times)
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09/09/12 at 00:52:12
Well it looks like Mr. Deckert and Mr. Zigeler have been colluding together to empty my bank account!!
I have been wanting a pair of HR-1's for a while (In Red please) and now Torii Mono's (Make mine in red also, please).
Damn, I wanted a new Jeep and I also had my eye on a new watercooled BMW GS motorcycle. I guess that I could get a second job, I only work from 5:30 AM until 4:00 PM, sleep is overrated, I think that I can pull this off....
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Re: Collusion!!!
Reply #1 - 09/09/12 at 03:28:12
BMW-GS motorcycle...  I believe you'll get more use out of the TORII Mono's during winter weather, and use far less gas.  You won't have to buy insurance with the Mono's and best of all you're far less likely to have someone come out of nowhere and accidentally kill you while you're using them.  You'll never be stranded at the side of the road, have a flat tire or have a bad hair day with the TORII Mono's.... the BMW... not so sure.  You definitely can't park the BMW in the house (like you can the Mono's) without irritating your wife.  The Mono's are far Greener than the BMW with a much smaller carbon footprint.  The Mono's will last longer than the BMW, are arguably just as pretty and equal in every way as a stress reliever.  So I guess it all comes down to which one is the fastest... and of course the Mono's would have to take it!  Both are vehicles, but one is restricted to paved roads while the other can take you into space and move either direction in time.


P.S.  I also just realized after looking at your picture that you wouldn't be able to wear your head gear with the BMW so I guess that decides it.
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