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Mixing woods - CSP2 and Taboo (Read 1559 times)
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Mixing woods - CSP2 and Taboo
06/17/12 at 15:28:20
I have a CSP2 in red mahogany.  I am stretching to purchase a Taboo and would like to buy a standard wood option.  Is there a choice that would work well for a Taboo sitting beside the red mahogany CSP2?
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Re: Mixing woods - CSP2 and Taboo
Reply #1 - 06/17/12 at 23:08:32
If your plan is to have them on the same shelf, it would seem a shame to have the Taboo and CSP2 match so well by design, but not have the same bases. In this case, I think I would try to save up in order to match the bases.

If they were in different locations, and the extra money just made it impossible to match, it would appear to me that entirely different bases (Taboo standard sculpted base/CSP flat sided Mahogany) might be nicer than having them be shaped alike but with different colored/grained wood.

I bet the two together will sound awesome!

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