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08/24/17 at 06:04:42 


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Torii III and subwoofers... (Read 1403 times)
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Torii III and subwoofers...
06/11/12 at 21:28:17
Hello all, I am in the process of obtaining a Torii III from a fellow audiophile  ;D, and I have a question about connecting a subwoofer to it.

I use a Martin Logan Depth i, and with previous amps, I have run it off of an amp's speaker outputs.  The sub allows for both, high level speaker inputs, and low level RCA inputs.  Will there be any problems running the ML sub off of the Torii's speaker outputs.  I don't intend on using a preamp....
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Re: Torii III and subwoofers...
Reply #1 - 06/11/12 at 23:19:24
I run my sub off of the speaker outputs. You get a little Torii magic luvin' that way.
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