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3 or 4 Isocups under the Torii? (Read 4705 times)
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Re: 3 or 4 Isocups under the Torii?
Reply #105 - 06/09/12 at 22:05:25

I said the ramps MAY BE fine (with proper vibration control). And I said "within your chosen space" meaning room, not the exact location. The exact location clearly has issues. But we don't know how much of the trouble is vibration until you solve that, and you could likely decouple things pretty well while giving good vibration resolution with the right tools. I continue to speculate that the down and dirty soundstage stuff is more speaker placement and/or room though. And though I can't explain why, intuitively I have never liked the ramp concept. This is why I keep pointing to level explorations and stands.

The reason I suggested exploring within the room you are in, and with adjusting that general arrangement, is that you chose this in the first place, and that you may be invested in it for various reasons. And it may be possible to adjust this without a lot of messing around like moving the speakers each session, particularly if you can get the speakers on stands.

For myself and my wife, though we have no room for a dedicated listening room, we much prefer having the system in our main living areas because music is a big part of our day, "passive" and serious listening happening a lot. So against odds, I made our living room a dedicated listening room that sounds brilliant, and looks pretty much like a living room.

The links are all about setting up the other room, though the information can be used in your current room. That would be the obvious "audiophile" choice as RR suggests. If the gear or music is a problem where it is, and there is no downside, the dedicated room could be treated aesthetically as such...a music listening room with whatever you need for a good sound room.

I like the idea of the stands and think this is a good move no matter what, but I suspect that some decoupling from them will be good too, either spikes, or one of Herbie's decoupling dots under the speakers and/or decoupling under the stands. I have always found my speakers sound notably better on spikes than not, even with plinths.

Getting up with Herbie's and getting that thing going will be a good move no matter if the gear stays in the room it is in, or moves to a dedicated environment.

Good Luck with it...you will get there.
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Re: 3 or 4 Isocups under the Torii?
Reply #106 - 06/10/12 at 02:55:15
That's fine, Will, I got you the first time, but I insist in not creating problems by design.  The only reason why I wanted the gear in the livingroom, is exactly the one you pointed out, more of a socially oriented activity.  But, all this time I assumed there was nothing wrong with having the speakers in the same furniture table, until you correctly made me realize the vibration issue, which is not trivial by any means.  

The problem is, there's no way I can place those speakers permanently into that livingroom on stands.  Aesthetically and logistically these would be on the way.  Either these remain in that table or on stands, which would have to be placed in the right spot every listening session.  Just imagine the speaker cables crossing through that hallway to reach the speakers' spot!  I mean, I can live with it while I'm listening, but the socially attractive concept went by the window, sort of speak.  Besides, even guiding those cables properly all the way there would take a very long cable also, and won't be aesthetically welcome.

Now, if I were to isolate everything in that table, including the speakers, we'll never fully develop the soundstage and bass potential of this gear.  So, I will use the new stands, level the speakers at ears' height and simply move them back to that furniture table when finished.  The stands are easy to put away.  I would still pursue some isolation under the speakers and amp.  

According to those references, my spare room is almost there (only one foot too large on depth, everything else just fine), so eventually that could be the resting place for this gear.  In the meantime, I will have a chance to corroborate my feelings about soundstage and bass potential improvements with the stands temporarily placed well into the livingroom.

About your suggestion to adapt the livingroom, I would need to re-decor the whole area from scratch, and that's a tougher job than doing it on the spare room.  We happen to like the way the livingroom is layed out and re-designing it may not be convincing, especially because of the stands having to be placed in the middle of the other furniture, having cables running about, etc.

Anyway, Will, thanks to your observations I will be able, eventually, to almost maximize the potential of this great gear.  I just imagine those drivers moving over that table and sending all those vibes to the Mini-Torii.  I can now also 'see' that sonic turbulence created in the back wall and hitting those tiny tubes ... It is actually quite intuitive to assume placing those speakers there is a No-No.  I don't know the capabilities of those vibration isolators, but man, why create the problem to start with.  

Maybe I'm wrong, but I see it this way now, and I may change my mind later, depending on how things work out.   Smiley  My new stands are supposed to be ready by wednesday.

Thanks so much again for your excellent support.
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