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06/23/18 at 13:22:31 


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15's in a Wicked One?!?! (Read 2355 times)
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15's in a Wicked One?!?!
05/26/12 at 02:09:22
Yes, I'm serious. I'm going to modify the design of the traditional Wicked One to accommodate 15's. Now, I know I can't just scale it up, so I'm planning to completely revamp the design to fit, while keeping the horn dimensions the same. My main question right now though, is what kind of driver does this enclosure like? I need a very technical explanation of how this box works and why a particular speaker will work well in it. From what I've concluded, I need a driver of low Fs, preferably high excursion, and that needs a fairly small vas. Is there anything else that makes a driver just "work" in this box? I don't fully comprehend exactly how it works to begin with, and it seems like most people don't either. I've built a wicked one already for some RF 10's, and it works well enough, but the lack of low end gain concerns me. It plays down to about 32hz alright when loaded against a wall, but my main venue for this thing is going to be outdoor parties. In summary, I'm for these goals I'm hypothesizing a driver of low fs, low vas, high excursion, and as much surface area as I can get. Anything else, from your experience? I know that's a lot to take in, and probably a very specific requirement, but I'd be most appreciative if you can share your knowledge and experience of these specific details!  :) Smiley
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