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03/24/19 at 10:30:13 


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Isoberic Wicked One (Read 2687 times)
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Isoberic Wicked One
05/17/12 at 17:58:39
Dear audio feigns,

i am planning on building a WO and wanted to inquire about some information before i got started. i built a wicked one with some 12" woofers and used some 1/4 inch think MDF i found on the side of the road. although the materials were crap and the construction poor i was still thoughly impressed. this time i plan on doing things right and want your opinion on somethings before i get started. i am using two 10" image dynamics subs (only subs i have not boxed up). i  will be using 3/4 inch MDF.

here are some questions:

1) has anyone tried isoberic configurations with the WO? i attached a picture to demonstrate what i mean. any feed back would be appriciated

2) to cover the box i was gonna try to use plexiglass so it would be easier to screw the top on, and so it would look freaking cool. has anyone used any plexiglass in a construction? what kind should i get? is it possible to make it work on a budget? will it cause energy to be lost?

3) i saw something about lining the horn with cork. what does this do to the sound? what modifications have you done to your WO? what are things that make it louder/better?

4) i want to build this correctly and keep in my car for music and then use it for a PA woofer when needed. has anyone used this for a PA before?

i am a bass player so my ear is pretty refined in the bass spectrum. i went from wanting tons of SPL, to instead wanting to hear some decent sounding bass and real quality. i am hoping to build this really soon and would really like to hear from yall before i hit the saw.

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