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05/25/18 at 21:54:30 


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HDT I / II for sale (Read 1123 times)
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HDT I / II for sale
04/30/12 at 12:57:18
I have a pair of HDT cabinets and either driver set for sale in 11743 (NY).  You can choose to buy the cabinets alone, fit out as HDT I's with a nicely broken in set of DFR-8's, the HDT II driver set (and correct passive's for each, or take everything.

The cabinets are raw mdf (unfinished), and are currently set up for the HDT-1 with the latest passive radiators glued in.  

HDT-I with DFR-8's - $500.00 obo,

DFR-8's only $250.00 / pr.

Cabinets only $250.00 pr. (very heavy)

Cabinet w/ HDT II driver set $400.00  (caveat - you change the passives and tube lengths inside, HDTII passives will need new surrounds)

HDTII driver set only - $150.00 - includes sonicap 3.3uf

I've enjoyed both configurations for many years (I built them when the plans first came out)...but now it's time for a new experiment.

Pictures to follow soon..


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