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06/20/18 at 12:18:21 


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Tube PA for acoustic instruments (Read 2776 times)
Mark A.
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Tube PA for acoustic instruments
04/18/12 at 18:21:37
I would like to build a tube driven PA for small venues. I play in all acoustic bands and want a warmer sound that compliments the instruments. I own a pair of nice old Dynaco 40 watt amps that I believe would work nicely if I can find a speaker design that is efficient enough.

I used these amps years ago in a home audio, set up with subs that were driven by solid state amps. I may take the same approach here if 2x40 just isn't enough.

Would the PRO12 be a good starting point for this project?
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Re: Tube PA for acoustic instruments
Reply #1 - 04/19/12 at 12:43:16
I would recommend the pro 12 for just about any application.  Very efficient, sounds great, but you do need a sub (very little bass response).  They even sound great with an electric guitar.  

If you are tight on cash, I can recomend this speaker http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=295-032.  To save even more you can also skip the crossover, run the woofer full range and just use a capacitor on the horn.  You might need to add a resistor to tame the horn down a bit though.

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